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Pink Buddha
Pink Buddha

Pink Buddha

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Unique mala created in rule of golden ratio with 

Jade buddha - dream stone, longevity, peace, cleansing negative energy

925 silver - reflections, mirror our souls light 

Labradorite - transformation, raise conciousness, intuition, protection 

Rainbow moonstone - harmony, growth, intuition, divine feminine, flow

Antique pearl from Borneo - purity, protection, serenity, flow 

Selenite - elevates spirit, clears blockages, clarity, intuition, cleanser 

Snowquartz - alignment, harmony, filters out negative emotions 

Indian agate - decisions and choices, strength, courage, stamina 

Peach Moonstone - sensuality, divine love, passion, emotional expression, intuition 

Red healer quartz - past life healing, to move on and focus on our present moment 

Rudrakaha seeds - spiritual guidance and protection