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Green Tree
Green Tree

Green Tree

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Unique mala created in rule of golden ration with

Tree agate - growth, appreciation, grounding, connecting with nature 

Labradorite - transformation,  intuition, raise conciousness and insight 

925 silver - reflections, mirror our souls light 

Rainbow moonstone - protection, harmony, intuition, divine feminine, flow 

Flourite - self-confidence, centering, neutralizes negative energy 

Antique pearl from Borneo - purity, calming, protection, beauty, serenity 

Green Aventurine - stone of opportunity, abundance. Prosperity, success, creativity 

Clearquartz - master healer, cleanser, clarity and creative manifestation 

Prehnite - unconditional love, precognition, inner knowing 

Mossagte - abundance, prosperity, to see all the beauty you behold, birthing 

Rudrakaha seeds - spiritual guidance and protection