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Smokey Plum

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Unique mala created in rule of golden ration with 

Smokey quartz - moodlifter, deep cleanser, aid dark emotions, to see your true self 

Garnet - passion, devotion, courage, cleansing aura, attracts love and raise kundalini 

Onyx - selfcontrol, vigor, strength, protection, absorbs and transforms negative energy 

Faceted and round Lava Stones - shedding attachments, stability, grounding, centering, rebirth 

Black agate - acceptance to let go and move forward in life, balancing yin yang, calming 

Tourmaline - protection, purification, detoxification, inspiration, shield against negativity 

Mookaite - dream time, ancestral healing, wisdom and knowledge. Harmony and wholeness 

Peach Moonstone - sensuality. Divine feminine, self-worth, self-expression, intuition 

Peach quartz - forgiveness, to release traumas from the past, joy, release blockages 

925 silver - to see your reflection in others 

Citrine - joy, abundance, success, wealth, prosperity, happiness, release fears 

Jade - dream stone, longevity, vitality, harmony, wisdom , self-esteem, attract love